Our company operates a factory producing all types of jewelry and ornaments made from 18 carat gold with semi-precious and precious stones and diamonds.


We have a team of highly experienced designers who are in the forefront of creating new styles as well as preserving traditional designs.Each creation can be custom designed to suite your specific requirements, or a unique and completely original masterpiece created that would become a genuine collector's item.


This next stage puts the designer's dream one step closer to reality. It is essential therefore that our moulders have been carefully selected and trained to have a sense of detail and intimate feel for perspective and dimensions in translating the designer's sketches into a tangible wax form.



After the wax form has been made, the gold smiths then cast the form in gold. Only the very purest gold is used (99.99 percent), and moulded with the best alloys, that are devoid of impure chemicals to make our 18 carat gold. Casting of the gold mixture is carried out with meticulous control of temperature to avoid air bubbles. The cated gold form is then tested to ensure that both quality of gold, shape and balance of design has been maintained.


There are two categories in lapidary work depending on whether there are rough or cut stones. In cutting a rough stone, carefully observations are first made in order to get the best characteristics from the larger stone block.

The stone is then cut by our lapidaries who specialize in a certain gem or stone group. The secondary category is with our cut gems that have been bought from the mines or brokers. Our tasks here is to recut, removing the cracks and impurities and to repolish it to the desired weight and shape. The final process is polishing, to give the stone lustre and to show up it's fine structural lines.


Our craftmen in the department are divided into 2 groups depending on the expertise in handling either semi-precious or stones and diamonds. The emphasis here is on the unlimited time given to ensure that all gemstones are securely and evenly set, and in total harmony with the original design.


This is perhape the most important stage in the processing of our jewelry and one that requires the most detailed care and attention. Retouching is carried out both before and during setting the gemstones. Retouching ensures that the original design and form is well balanced and even in all perspectives. It is our trademark that every peice of jewellery from our factory has no visible joint marks or gaps between the stones, giving the appearance that it was moulded from one piece.


This is the most time consuming and labour intensive stage in our manufacturing process as we beleive that the traditional method of polishing with threads produces the best results. This method is used 5 different times at various stages before our products leave the factory.

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